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Managing Diversity

Boy eating doughnut
Stay in Touch

Rob Glenn in pool
Kia Rangatu

Air NZ crew member demonstrates mask to blind passenger
Air New Zealand
Disability Awareness Training

Click on the links below for two
in-depth essays on media teaching
by Roger Horrocks and Ngaire Hoben:

Media Studies in the New Zealand
Curriculum by Roger Horrocks
and Ngaire Hoben

Media Teaching in New Zealand
sketching out a history
by Roger Horrocks

For more than 30 years Point of View has been producing training materials for public and private sector clients. It offers research, scripting, and full production services. We can provide films, videos, DVDs, authored DVDs, or material for websites. We can also create study guides.

We have staff members with extensive educational experience. Our documentaries and dramas are extensively used in schools, tertiary institutions, and continuing education.

Education and Training Videos
by Point of View include:

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