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Point of View Productions is an award-winning film and television production company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Established by Shirley Horrocks in 1984, Point of View is known for the quality of its documentaries, dramas, education and training programmes. Its recent Festival documentaries include Juliet Gerrard: In Dark Times, Tom Who?: The Enigma of Tom Kreisler, Venus: A Quest, Art that Moves: The World of Len Lye, Dance of the Instant, and Marti: The Passionate Eye. We offer a wide range of services from research and scriptig to producing, directing, and offline editing. We have produced many specialized projects in the areas of the Arts, Popular Culture, New Zealand Social History, Education, Training , Disability and Science.



New Don McGlashan documentary

Sir Paul Callaghan documentary 'Dancing with Atoms' to premiere in Wellington in May

Free Theatre documentary on Sky's ARTS Channel

In production a documentary about photographer Peter Peryer